Jungkraut's Clean Care Principles, Episode 1: Say Bye To Mineral Oils

Jungkraut's Clean Care Principles, Episode 1: Say Bye To Mineral Oils

The beauty industry has changed drastically in quite a few years. What you considered a holy grail for your skin is now a thing of the past. Brands like Jungkraut have launched their products under 'Clean Care Principles.' But what actually is this?

Jungkraut's Clean Care Principles is all about keeping skincare free of toxic chemicals and ingredients. Our natural skincare products for men are free of silicones, parabens, mineral oil, polyethylene glycols, and microplastics. What makes them more appropriate to our Clean Care Principles is that they are free of any synthetic fragrance. Your skin can shine without these harmful ingredients.

People love the 'clean care principle' and 'clean beauty' terms because it allows their skin to stay healthy. Gone are the days when they would be happy to unknowingly use some toxic ingredients that would give their skin a perfect glow. But nobody knows what kind of poisonous reactions such components have under your skin. Mineral Oil is one such ingredient.

Some of you must be reluctant to give up on your favorite ingredient. Let's find out what mineral oil is and why it is not good for our skin.


Mineral Oil — Holy grail or Toxic Trail?

Mineral oil is derived from petroleum and is used as an emollient. We have always heard that your dry patchy skin would become smooth and soft with mineral oil products. Your grandmother would also tell you her skin's secret is all about slathering the petroleum jelly. Unfortunately, it leaves toxic traces under your skin.

The issue of dry skin doesn't only affect women. Men also have hard, stiff, textured skin because they hardly care for it (They have soap for everything!) Men's skincare brands promise to give them soft and smooth skin by removing dirt from their faces. They are only mixing mineral oils in their skincare products. But that's not what men need. They deserve to buy products specific to their gender which are toxicity-free.

Have you ever thought mineral oils that create a barrier on your skin and lock the moisture can be very harmful for your skin? How? Let's find out.


Why is Mineral Oil Free Product Your New Best Friend?

When you use a mineral oil free product your skin will thank you for letting it breathe in the fresh air. You'll also get the following benefits.


  • Say Bye-Bye to Clogged Pores! We have always heard that mineral oils work as a skin barrier. It saves the skin from getting affected by the outside dirt. It is safe to say that it brings along other ingredients on your epidermis and blocks the pores. Your pores will get clogged when they find a thick harmful barrier on the skin. Now you understand why you're breaking out so frequently! Mineral oil free products won't let it happen to you.


  • Save Your Body from Toxins! You must be thinking, what mineral oil has to do with body toxins? Studies found that when you are repeatedly exposed to mineral oils through cosmetics, you'll have a few traces of mineral oil hydrocarbons in your body. Those few traces may lead to toxin contamination, increasing cancer risk. It is enough to switch to a brand that offers mineral oil free products and saves your precious body.


  • Say Hello to a More Nourished Skin! So what do you think mineral oil is doing to your skin? Providing it nourishment and hydration? Unfortunately not. It settles on your skin and not underneath it. You can find essential hydration and nourishment in natural ingredients in our mineral oil free natural skin care products for men.


  • Be an Environment Guardian! Do you know that you're giving yourself the title of Environment Guardian by using our mineral oil free products? When mineral oil is extracted out of the ground, it creates a lot of air pollution. Also, when the oil is transferred from one place to another, the oil spills cause environmental damage. Opt for our all-natural skin care products for men, and breathe freely in the fresh air.
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