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The Jungkraut skincare supplies e-voucher is the perfect gift for all wild men out there: for athletic daredevils, dads-since-2-weeks, nature lovers, athletes or simply for all those for whom life is slowly leaving behind traces on the skin.  
Note: The e-voucher will be sent to you via e-mail straight after the purchase. It cannot be used at retail stores nor exchanged or redeemed for cash. The e-voucher has no expiration date or service fee.


100% carbon-neutral product

Be wild, be ready, forge ahead like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you’re in the mountains, the valley or the city. Can you feel the power of your face? Alive and close to nature. Your skin remains calm. So do you.

Botanical Power Face Wash

Jungkraut's Botanical Power Face Wash provides a deep clean and boosts your skin’s natural flora. It effectively removes impurities and repairs skin damage.

Alpine Performance Face Fluid

Jungkraut’s Alpine Performance Face Fluid is extremely powerful. It is ultra-light, never greasy and absorbed extremely quickly. The perfect daily skincare for the active man.

Glacier Active Eye Serum

Jungkraut's Glacier Active Eye Serum effectively restores cell structure and smooths and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It deeply moisturises and revitalises the skin while also actively combating eye circles and puffiness.


All Jungkraut skincare supplies have a discreet, masculine scent with no artificial fragrances.

Carbon-neutral with the Swiss Mountain Forest Project

We are working hard to make Jungkraut a carbon-neutral company. We are not quite there yet, but until we are, we will do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Together with ClimatePartner and the Mountain Forest Project (Bergwaldprojekt) we are balancing, reducing and compensating all of our emissions.


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