Living up to our Principles.

We are inspired by nature. We are convinced that her innate power is all that is needed to give our products their positive properties.

We are dedicated to our heritage. Committed to our local responsibilities, we are appreciative of reliable Swiss quality and filled with joy by our friendly partnerships.

We are focused on tangible progress. Driven by science and research, we stand for effective, innovative skincare that is more than skin-deep.

We are harmonious. Giving and taking, we are in symbiosis with our environment, which we honour with each of our actions.

We are honest. Grateful for the trust people show us, which is based on complete and comprehensive transparency, we thereby protect our own innovativeness.

We stand for men with personality. We forge character, show emotion and create time and space for mental strength and social acceptance.

We are a vibrant community. A collective of friends, visionaries and talent, we make mistakes in order to learn, challenge in order to inspire, and break down barriers to show that they were never real.

We are independent. We live freely, we love what we do, and we create values that are much more than purely economic.

We are Jungkraut. This is us.