For the greater good

We want you to feel good in your skin. Today, tomorrow, and the day after. That is why we give our actions and business activities great thoughts, especially, when it comes to emissions. Climate change has an impact on all of us. It affects even our skin. Air pollution, a diminishing ozone layer, and a warmer climate will leave their traces even on your skin.

Partnership with ClimatePartner

Every year we are balancing our Carbon Footprint together with ClimatePartner. Thereby, we look at every aspect of our doing. From the raw materials, suppliers, employee mobility, energy, heating, storage, transportation, production, packaging, servers to the final shipping of our products. We put all the numbers together. Then we analyze our emissions. All our efforts are well documented on ClimatePartner through our Climate ID.

Some places in Switzerland are already feeling the effects of climate change. Extreme weather events such as storms or heavy rainfall and increasing pest infestation endanger the ecosystem. Repairing the damage means an increasing economic burden for the communities. This is where the Swiss Mountain Forest foundation comes in. Under the guidance of experts, volunteers protect and maintain the local forest.

The project is active at 40 locations in Switzerland, for example above the village of Curaglia. In 1990, storm “Vivian” destroyed the entire forest which had been providing protection against avalanches, erosion and landslides. It was therefore necessary to reforest the area quickly. More than 80,000 trees were planted within 25 years.

How does climate protection work in regional projects?

Regional projects protect natural habitats such as local forests, the Alps or contribute to agricultural development. They are important for adapting to climate change. Projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland generally do not produce any certified emission reductions. That is why ClimatePartner combines regional projects with internationally recognised carbon offset projects. In this way, climate neutrality and a regional commitment are possible simultaneously. For the Swiss Mountain Forest project emissions are being compensated in combination with our certified carbon offset project in Pará, Brazil.

We will stop at nothing

Here is a complete list of what we’re doing at the moment, and where we are going to improve. You can also take action by reusing and recycling your packaging after use.

Verwenden von recycelten Plastikflaschen und Glassflaschen

Verwenden von recyceltem Karton

Anreize für Mitarbeiter, die das Fahrrad oder öffentliche Verkehrsmittel nutzen

Partnerschaft mit einem 100% klimaneutralen Fulfillment-Partner in der Schweiz

Reduzieren der Luftmenge in den Versandkartons

Abfall und Lagerfläche mit optimierter Produktion reduzieren

Raumtemperatur im Büro um 2 Grad senken

Entwicklung einer wiederauffüllbare Verpackung

Entfernen von Metallteilen bei den Pumpen, damit Verpackung voll recycelbar ist

Entwicklung einer zu 100 % biologisch abbaubaren Verpackung

Produktnachfüllungen in lokalen Geschäften anbieten